GUITAR COMBO - Total Scales, Techniques and Applications

GUITAR COMBO - Total Scales, Techniques and Applications

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Total Scales, Techniques and Applications 
by Mark John Sternal

"For beginner to expert... every position on the guitar and all the ways to use them..." - Music Connection Magazine

Complete your guitar skills with the #1 best selling guitar scale course GUITAR: Total Scales Techniques and Applications. This combo includes the DVD along with the 176 page Book with audio CD. At only $39.95, it is priced to save you a good chunk of change!

Some feedback for the Total Scales Techniques and Applications series:
  • “...pure playing with basic scales and also tons of cool exotic scales that intermediate and advanced players will really enjoy ...tons of cool guitar techniques ...a rare resource that you’ll use far more than you might anticipate.” - Guitar Digest Magazine
  • “Absolutely Awesome!!! The best ever!!!” - Jeffrey Dymond - Norwalk, Ohio
  • “...there isn't a better teaching method on the planet.” - E. Whisenhunt, OR
  • “Total" is the key word... every position on the fingerboard, in every key, and different ways to use them.” - Bass Player Magazine
  • “...Sternal keeps the pace moving briskly, yet somehow leaves no detail unaddressed. ” - Guitar Player Magazine
  • “...From basics -music notation and tuning your guitar -all the way to complex fretting hand techniques and truly exotic scales.” - Premier Guitar Magazine

Nearly 5 hours of video - 176 page music book + CD
ORDER NOW! Only $39.95!

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