MJS Acoustic Guitar Package

MJS Acoustic Guitar Package

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Supercharge Your Acoustic Guitar Playing

There’s nothing more rewarding than having an acoustic guitar handy, picking it up, and belting out a few tunes. The scenarios are endless. It could be quiet time alone. Camping with close family or friends. Breaking out your 6-string at a summer bash and being the life of the party. Sitting in with friends during an acoustic jam and wailing out some acoustic leads... The list goes on. There is never a dull moment for a musician. 

If you’re out of “Acoustic Shape,” we’ve put together the perfect package to get you ready for Summer Strummin’. Introducing the...

MJS Acoustic Guitar Package ~ 4 DVDs that will take your acoustic guitar talents to an expert level!

Start with EASY ACOUSTIC GUITAR DVD. Even if you’ve never touched a guitar, this masterpiece will walk you through all you need to know. And if it’s been a while since you’ve picked up the “box top,” this is the perfect tool to get the rust off, (your fingers and your strings). From fundamentals, to playing single note melodies, building up from 2-string chords to full chords, and learning 5 full songs, EZ Acoustic is worth many times it’s weight in gold.

*EASY GUITAR CHORDS DVD is next in our MJS Acoustic Guitar Package. This bridges from what you’ve learned in EZ Acoustic, to playing common chords and song progressions in ALL MUSICAL KEYS. Starting with easy, open chords, EZ Chords explores every key of music, helping you gradually build the strength it takes to expertly play barre chords on your acoustic guitar.

*Yes, that’s an electric guitar on the cover. These titles are universal for both acoustic and electric guitars. In the video content, you will see many different guitars are used. Every lesson can be applied to any 6 string guitar.
What makes an acoustic player stand out and really cut through the air like a sharpened blade? Think about it. What has made you snap your head in the direction of a really good player? It’s not just chords alone, but a clever mix of chords and scales. *EASY GUITAR SCALES DVD teaches you over 50 scales to use right away to spice up your playing. From basic scales like major, minor and pentatonics, to the Balinese, Hirojoshi and Kumoi; throw one of these in the mix and you and your listeners will experience a whole new world of sonic-acoustic-delight. 
(Hint: Play the scale starting with the root of the chord you are playing and it will work 9 out of 10 times. Hint 2: Get creative, start on the other notes of a chord for a very complex sound. It won’t always work, so explore the possibilities before you break this one out in public.)
THEORY! Round out your playing with a health dose of music theory. Don’t run, don’t hide. Don’t use the old excuse, “I don’t want to stifle my playing by learning too much theory.” On the other hand, learn theory and you’ll open up your acoustic playing to ALL possibilities! Once you’re there, you decide what you want to use, or what you don’t want to use. *EASY GUITAR THEORY DVD is “a must for every guitarist!” EZ Theory simplifies the foundations and structure for playing, writing and understanding music for the guitarist.
These 4 DVDs make up the MJS Acoustic Guitar Package. We currently have over 25 titles in publication. These 4 are the top picks, used in the above order, that will take your acoustic skills from mediocre, or complete beginner, to an expert musician. It’s our guarantee that once you work through these 4 DVDs you will be comfortable picking up an acoustic guitar in any setting. Summer’s almost here. This package is your key to turning some heads in your direction this Summer.

The campfire’s waiting... the beach is waiting... the backyard barbeque is waiting... The Stage Is Waiting.

ONLY $43.80

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