2 CD Relative Pitch Ear Training Course

by Mark John Sternal


Listen with your guitar or bass in hand and play along.

For best results use these CDs 5 to 10 minutes per day. If you want to practice longer, repeat the same tracks. This way you focus on one interval at a time, and it gives your ear a chance to learn the sound qualities of each group of notes.

During your first time through these CDs, do not skip around—even if you find you already know a lot of the things being taught! This course is beginner-friendly, yet progressive. Every lesson is built on previous lessons. Disc 1 begins with very basic exercises for beginners. The tracks progressively get more difficult, so intermediate and advanced players can benefit as well.

DISC 1: Start with a short specified range of notes on the first string. A note is played and held while you match it on your guitar. (If you don't find it the first time, don't worry, eventually you’ll be told what note is being played). The range of notes progressively widens, as we add string after string, note combinations, and exercises. By the end of Disc 1 you’ll have learned and played every note and every note combination on every string of the guitar. Plus, you’ll have learned some very essential music theory and exercises for improving your playing abilities.

DISC 2: Less narration and more music. Disc 2 can be used two different ways: 1. You can play along with Disc 2 to improve finding the notes you hear, as well as strengthen your musical ear. 2. You can listen to Disc 2 anytime, anywhere to help train your musical ear. For example, if you want to memorize the sound quality of a minor third interval, you can put track 4 on loop and listen to the exercises that are played on all strings, up and down the fretboard. Do the same for any interval! In the end you will have learned to play every possible note combination on your guitar, as well as identify them when you hear them played in songs.

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