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by Mark John Sternal

Tremolo on a stock Gibson Les Paul

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Some of the coolest sound effects in guitar history come from use of the whammy bar! Many guitars come equipped, but guitar players often avoid using them, or are very limited with what they can do with them. In EASY WHAMMY BAR GUITAR DVD, expert guitar instructor Mark John Sternal sends the viewer off on a 1-hour-39-minute exploration of this amazing guitar accessory.

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Harley or Hot Rod Sound Effect on Guitar

MJS Easy Whammy Bar Guitar DVD

The MJS EASY WHAMMY DVD cover features the Axcess Les Paul courtesy of Gibson Guitars! Check it out: Axcess


Section 1, Open String Techniques includes proper muting techniques, thunderous open string dives and more.

Continuing with an EASY approach, Section 2 introduces Harmonics, giving you screaming sound effects which can be applied to vibrato, climbs and dives.

Section 3 introduces Fretted Whammy Bar Techniques –From simple 1 note applications, to use of scales and chords –Hammer ons and pull offs –Playing in key –Slides, artificial harmonics, bend techniques, sirens, hot rod/motor cycle sound effects and much more...

Over 30 Exercises!

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Throughout the video, Mark’s main guitar is an Epiphone Futura Prophecy Custom FX equipped with a Floyd Rose, locking tremolo system. Other guitars featured include an Epiphone Casino equipped with a Bigsby, a Jimi Hendrix Signature featuring a vintage fulcrum tremolo, a Steinberger ZT3 with Trans Trem and the cover guitar, a Gibson Les Paul Axcess with a Floyd Rose tremolo and locking nut.


The MJS Easy Guitar and Bass Guitar DVD series now includes 10 titles priced at only $12.95 each. Subjects include scales, chords, theory, tricks and genres such as metal and blues.