Musician, Educator, Author

Mark John Sternal is a catalyst for musical success. His teachings enable music students to understand in minutes what often otherwise couldn't be accomplished in years.

Sternal has dedicated his life to helping people discover their musical abilities on guitar and bass. By providing and creating tools, strategies, and resources, Mark delivers extraordinary results and amazing levels of musical achievement to his readers and viewers. Over the last three decades, Mark has influenced millions of guitar and bass students, ranging from complete beginners through intermediate and advanced players, throughout the world.

As an author of over 40 titles, Mark has created several best-selling book and DVD series for guitar and bass, including:
-- Total Scales, Techniques and Applications
-- Easy Guitar DVD and Beginner Basics and Beyond
-- The Phrase-By-Phrase Guitar Method

Also a public speaker, Mark John Sternal has taught educational seminars across the United States and Canada. Many of his appearances have been hosted by Guitar Center, Barnes & Noble, Borders Books and public libraries. Mark has been featured on several cable/TV and radio shows, as well as newspaper and magazines (Rolling Stone, Guitar Player and Guitar World).

Mark has honed his skills as a vocalist and guitarist while performing all over the world. His solo act consists of his voice and his old Gibson J 150 acoustic guitar (the same model that Elvis played). When playing with his band, Mark cranks up the amplifier and rotates between a Fender Stratocaster and a Gibson Les Paul. When he isn’t traveling, he performs locally in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

As an entertainer, Mark John Sternal will give you an unforgettable musical experience. As an educator, Mark will give you an unforgettable musical learning experience. He will set off the triggers that will influence you, inspire you and provide you with the tools to shape your musical destiny.

Single Acoustic * Duo * Full Band

Live Acoustic Demo


Mark sings Led Zeppelin's "When The Levee Breaks" live in Chicago

Mark playing lead guitar in a blues band

Fall Down - by Mark John Sternal - Finger picking, strumming and singing!