All the equipment you need to ski or snowboard this season

Whether it is your first time or if you have already done your first steps, it is very important to go skiing equipped not to be cold and practice this sport with comfort and safety.

In this buying guide you will find all the necessary equipment for skiing or snowboarding: jackets, glasses, helmets, underwear … so you can get an idea of ​​what you need and that you can properly equip yourself with different budgets.

It seems obvious to think that the first thing you need to start skiing or snowboarding is skiing, board, and boots, but if they are your first chances, it is usual to rent this part of the equipment. However, choosing skis and snowboard is not an easy task, which is why we will dedicate your own article.

Ski or snowboard helmet

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first day or you’re professional, everyone should wear a helmet, regardless of how often they practice these sports, the modality or the speed they reach.

And it is that the falls happen, whether you are a rookie or an expert, and a blow in the snow can be very dangerous, not only because of the speed but also because there may be a stone underneath.

From this point, look for adjustable helmets that are comfortable for you and that favor perspiration.

All selected models are available in various colors and sizes and are unisex.

Unisex black crevice

The Black Crevice ski helmet (from 46.22 euros ) has 10 ventilation openings and an adjustment wheel so that it is secured to each head. With washable inner lining and carrying bag, it is a great option for beginners.

Salomon Cruiser

The Salomon Cruiser (from 46.95 euros ) offers great resistance in a very light model. With the easy and fast adjustment, great shock absorption thanks to its design, with removable and washable lining and earmuffs compatible with the audio system.

Bollé Backline

With the Bollé Backline (from 133.24 euros ) we kill two birds with one stone: it is a compact, resistant and aerodynamic helmet very comfortable for the practice of snow sports that has two visors integrated, so you will not need glasses for Snow, something we will see later. Its adjustment is made from the neck and has a hypoallergenic inner lining.


The goggles for skiing (or snowboarding) are an accessory that should not be missing, whether you are a regular or if you are an occasional practitioner. These special glasses consist of a band to fix our head firmly and serve to protect us from the sun.

Of the sun in the middle of winter and in the middle of the snow? Yes, when we do these sports “good weather”, so it is usual that there are rays of some sun rays that, when falling on the snow, produce reflections that blind us. As in any other sport (and in life), it is essential to see well. They also protect us from the entry of foreign objects.

It is not necessary to make a great investment, it is enough that you find them comfortable, look good and have UV protection, without neglecting the breathability to prevent fogging. However, if you go one step further you will find models of great resistance and with double layer.

In the chosen selection you will find models of various prices, available in various sizes and colors and that can be used for both men and women.

Salomon Aksium Access unisex

These unisex white ski goggles are suitable for wearing with very versatile eyeglasses, with 100% UV protection that reduces glare and eye fatigue. They also integrate the airflow system that prevents fogging. For 33.94 euros.

Bollé Y6 OTG unisex

With anti-fog technology, breathable to avoid sweat and very resistant, the Bollé Y6 OTG ( 38.95 euros ) are glasses that stand out for the quality of their materials and their comfort.

Oakley Flight Deck Unisex

The Oakley Flight Deck (from 161.01 euros ) offer a discreet and comfortable borderless design that allows you to change the lens. They have anti-fog technology and are fixed comfortably. They are also very light thanks to the materials used in its construction.

Jackets and pants for skiing or snowboarding

There is also the possibility of renting the ski jacket and pants, but if you are clear that snow is for you, it is an investment that you will take advantage of not only while practicing these sports, but also in walks in the countryside in winter or even during Cold waves like the one we are suffering.

The jacket and pants for skiing or snowboarding have three missions during the practice of this sport: the first is to isolate yourself from the snow, which is why these garments are waterproof. In some, they are wind resistant.

Given that we are going to practice a sport that involves speed and potential falls, these garments must be made of resistant fabrics that withstand tensions. Finally, they have to be comfortable, allowing us to move easily, in this sense, the snow clothes are usually slightly loose.

Quicksilver Mission plus

This snow jacket for men is waterproof and is made with a mixture of polyester and nylon that gives it resistance. It also has a very light thermal insulation layer and reinforcements in the most exposed parts. Available in several sizes and in three colors from 118 euros.

Helly Hansen Coastal 2

The Helly Hansen Coastal 2 ( 154,30 euros ) is waterproof, windproof, insulating and also breathable. It has sealed zippers.

Roxy Jet Ski

The Roxy Jet Ski for women is made of sturdy polyester with lightweight padding and is water-resistant. It is available in various sizes and colors, from 101.09 euros.

O’Neill Cascade

This snow jacket for women is waterproof, waterproof and has a very light thermal insulation, in addition to several sealed pockets. Available in two colors from 121.89 euros.


These Columbia pants are available for both men ( 53.09 euros ) and women ( 53.70 euros). They are resistant to water and wind, offer freedom of movement thanks to the integrated gaiter and the preformed knee area. With sealed zip pockets.


These Volcom snow pants are made of waterproof and breathable double layer material with reinforced areas, abundant pockets and seams and sealed zippers. From 84.26 euros for men and 90.71 euros for women.

Ski gloves

Like the rest of the body, the hands are also exposed to cold and wind, which is why we must protect them with gloves.

These ski gloves consist of an external fabric similar to that of the outer layer: comfortable to be able to grab the poles and resistant to avoid being tattered at the first change.

Marmot ski gloves

These Marmot gloves offer great performance. They are insulating, waterproof, breathable and windproof, offering a precise fit at hand. They carry an insert to clean their nose at the back of the thumb. From 24.53 euros for men and from 31.45 euros for women.

Dare 2b ski gloves

Dare 2b gloves are a very good option for occasional skiers. They are water-resistant, breathable, insulating and have a cleaning area located on the thumb. With reinforcements in the most exposed areas, clip, and elastic cord. From 14.95 euros for women and from 24 euros for men.

Thermal underwear

During the practice of snow or skiing, it is usual to wear several layers. While with the pants it is normal to wear the outer layer and tights, in the upper part you can wear a jacket, a thermal shirt and in the middle a thin sports shirt or sweater.

The outermost we have already seen but inside we will use light and thermal garments that adhere the body to retain the heat we generate while doing sports.

In addition, these garments allow us to be dry although we sweat thanks to its breathability. Otherwise, sweat would stick to our skin and cool us.

As thermal T-shirt

This thermal shirt by Izas is available in various sizes and colors for both men (from 7.95 euros ) and for women (from 6.95 euros ). Although it is not too tight, it consists of a natural fabric pleasant to the touch that retains heat, is quick-drying and expels sweat. A versatile thermal garment with a very good value for money.

Helly Hansen W HH

This thermal pants by Helly Hansen are tight and are also available for women ( 38.49 euros) and for men ( 43.05 euros ). With flat seams, it is quick-drying and breathable and is partially made of merino wool.

Snow socks

Although the snow boots are well insulated, good snow socks are a garment that we will thank very much not only for the heat they bring.

Snow socks keep warm, also promote perspiration so sweat does not accumulate and prevent chafing with hard boots.


These Ultrasport socks are made of wool, reach the knee and compress the limbs to improve circulation. They are light and have reinforcements. From 11.70 euros, available in sizes from 35 to 50.

Helly Hansen LIFA

The mythical and consolidated firm Helly Hansen, specialized in sports that require good insulation, has in its catalog of LIFA, a pair of snow socks for men ( 28.21 euros ) and women ( 31.50 euros ) made of pure Merino wool and synthetic fabric to combine resistance and insulation. They promote perspiration, carry reinforcements and minimize odors.


With the helmet as a mandatory element, we can think that a snow cap is something optional. The reality is that we will wear the helmet during skiing or snowboarding, but the rest of the day we will have our head and ears exposed and that is when a snowcap will come into action.


This unisex Eisbär cap features an attractive design that fits perfectly to the shape of our head. Inside it has fleece and is also breathable. From 15,97 euros


Another versatile option that you can wear both in the snow and with casual clothes is this Quicksilver hat with pompom, available in three colors and with thermal lining inside. From 14.53 euros

Neck warmers

Although it is optional and you could opt for a scarf or not wear anything on the neck, the neck warmers or, popularly known as panties, are a very nice garment that will protect us from the cold that could sneak between the helmet and jacket.

In addition, and this is important, it protects us from the contact of the zipper of the jacket with the chin, something annoying and that can cause chafing.


Buff’s classic panty is also a great alternative. This neck warmer is composed of two layers, one polar and the other light. It is very long and versatile, which allows us to turn it into a hat. Available in various prints. From 11.75 euros.


This Columbia ( 17.95 euros ) is simple, very comfortable and warm. It is made of polar fabric, it has a neck shape and an adjustable cord.

Apress boots

As with the helmet, snow boots are not too comfortable to wear throughout the day, since their mission is to look at the ski or snowboard.

The rest of the day is highly recommended to wear are ski boots that provide us with good insulation, some flexibility, impermeability and good grip against snow and ice.

Merrell Tremblant Mid Polar

The apres-ski boots for women Merrell Tremblant Mid Polar ( 100.79 euros ) are made of leather and synthetic wool with rubber sole. They are waterproof, resistant and cold insulating. Available in various sizes.

Columbia Bugaboot Plus III Omni-Heat

As in the previous model, the Columbia Bugaboot Plus III Omni-Heat is also made of leather and synthetic lining with a rubber sole for insulation, strength, and comfort. From 102 euros