Six Tips to Stay Motivated After Reaching Your First Running Goal

We have succeeded and this week, those of you who have joined us in the challenge to run from zero to five kilometers in eight weeks are already going to run those desired five kilometers for the first time. Now all that remains is to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and pride in having come this far. Get in shape, charge your best watches for runners and prepare to be winners. However, this does not end here: next week we will rest, before starting a new challenge to get to run 10 kilometers. Unfortunately, during this week of rest you may notice how the motivation to continue low and, even, that you feel that you have already fulfilled.

Precisely, the good thing about the goals we set ourselves is to meet them little by little to set new goals. In this case, it will be 10K, but for this we need to keep motivation high until the new challenge begins. So we can do it.

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to gradually set goals and challenges. Right now we have managed to run five kilometers and, although it has not been easy, perhaps we would have given up if the approach had been to try to run a marathon in one go.

But if we want to remain motivated, this is the time to take advantage of the feeling of achievement and, instead of letting ourselves be carried away by feeling satisfied, keep looking for new challenges that make us feel this achievement again and take advantage of the motivation that knowing gives us. of everything, we are capable of.

Now it is time to put ourselves to the test with the challenge to get to run 10 kilometers because if we have come this far, without a doubt we can continue moving forward and achieve much more.

That the goals we set are realistic

When setting these new goals, they must be realistic. If we set ourselves too high goals for our level, we may lose motivation by not being able to achieve them. Therefore, it is important that the goals we set are challenging, but that it is within our reach.

Therefore, now that we have achieved the first five kilometers, it is a good idea that our next goal is to add another five kilometers, until we reach 10.

Go for a run with friends or partner

Whether we have trained alone or have trained with someone from the beginning, it is interesting that we continue to run with another person. Not only because we can pull each other when we feel like it, but because social pressure will be part of the job.

And, sometimes, what works best is having someone with whom we do not want to be bad. On the other hand, healthy competitiveness can also be a good motivator to keep running.

Include news or variations in training

After all this week’s training, we already have a very established routine: we are going to run at the same time, we go out with the same people and we do the same route. This can cause us to lose some motivation or incentive and become too routine.

For this reason, introduce new features, such as changing the route or running with different people. This will allow us to get to know new places and we can even use training as a way to do tourism when we go to other cities. We can also try different workouts on the days when we do not go running, so we will vary a little and help maintain motivation.

Get adequate rest

Rest is extremely important to keep us motivated. If we do not rest well we will be too tired, we will not have the strength and our body will suffer. In these conditions it is much more difficult to feel motivated to go running.

That is why next week we will leave it to rest before starting the new challenge. In this way, we will be able to start the new challenge well-rested and with energy to continue.