Testosterone and increased muscle mass: everything you need to know about it

We also know that testosterone levels are related to our sexual performance and our mood, and that is why this is a hormone of great interest in the field of health and physical activity.

Does more testosterone equal more muscle mass?

First of all, you have to know that if your testosterone levels are already within the values ​​considered normal, you will not increase more muscle mass by having somewhat higher levels that are still in physiological ranges.

Muscle mass gain comes when testosterone analogs ( anabolic steroids ) are used exogenously that provide exorbitant amounts of these substances, but be clear that we do not recommend or support the use of steroids.

On the other hand, your recovery after workouts or your sexual appetite may not be adequate. In that case, your testosterone levels may be low, and then it makes sense to worry about increasing them to normal values.

How to increase testosterone if it is low

Increasing testosterone levels is not complicated, although we will have to pay attention to several different points;

Training strength can help us increase the natural secretion of testosterone, but only in its proper measure since if we overtrain we will achieve the opposite effect.

If we are victims of chronic stress, our testosterone secretion may also be compromised, and the same will happen if we do not sleep properly.

Low intakes of zinc and magnesium can compromise the formation of testosterone, and a very high intake of sugar, too. This is one more reason to reduce the intake of ultra-processed, especially those high in added sugars.

Alcohol is another nutrient that will not play in your favor if you want your testosterone to be high.

The vitamin D we synthesize when exposed to sunlight can favor the secretion of testosterone. This vitamin is also obtained through diet, but in very small amounts compared to those that allow us to synthesize sunlight.

Finally, ginger is also an ingredient that can help us significantly increase testosterone levels, but the amount to be ingested through the diet is also relatively high.

In conclusion

In general, maintaining good testosterone levels is not complex. If you practice physical exercise on a regular basis, you sleep well and take care of your diet, you will have made a large part of the way.

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