The basic equipment to go out with the road bike for the first time

Cycling helmet

If there is a fundamental accessory for road cycling, that is the helmet. The helmet protects our head against impacts against the ground or other objects, so it is vital to minimize the consequences of falls and other accidents. Therefore, it is key to choose a bike helmet well.

It seems a simple accessory to the naked eye, but a lot of research is being done on cycling helmets, both materials and designs to make them more resistant and lightweight as the incorporation of technologies such as the airbag or lights.

Spiuk Zircon

The Spiuk Zircon is a compact and lightweight unisex helmet composed of 3 pieces that stand out for its anatomical adaptation and ventilation (it has 31 openings), allows it to be adjusted in 3 different positions and includes visor, pads and anti-insect net. From 55.95 euros.

Foray turn

Another helmet with great value for money is the Giro Foray ( 46.63 euros ), it is available in several sizes and colors. It is compact, lightweight, with an aerodynamic design. Its interior is plush and the exterior is made of polycarbonate reinforced with 21 openings.


The BH EVO is made of polycarbonate and contains different sets of ergonomically distributed pads. With front and rear closure to precisely adjust by magnetism to be fast. With rear retention system with silicone finish for superior adjustment in the neck area. For 79.95 euros


Sunglasses are another accessory that can not be missing in road cycling. Not only to improve our vision in moments of the sun but also to protect us from wind and foreign objects that can enter our eyes such as annoying mosquitoes.

Before buying some sunglasses for sports, make sure that you are comfortable, look good with them (especially if you have vision problems) and that they fit your shape and style.

Spiuk Spicy

They are made of a material of extraordinary strength and elasticity, which makes them comfortable and durable. They only weigh 24 grams and their lenses are polarized. For 33.95 euros

Catlike Sphynx

The Sphynx is unisex glasses that stand out for their lightness, comfort, protection and very attractive design. For 43.95 euros

Bollé Vibe

This pair of unisex glasses Bollé brand in addition to having a fairly discreet design for what is usually common in cycling glasses. They are light and resistant, the lenses are polarized and made of polycarbonate, in addition to having anti-fogging and oleophobic treatment. For 56.91 euros.


Although it is not the first accessory that comes to mind, gloves protect our hands from the effort we make on the handlebars (for example when we stand up or push on the climbs), preventing calluses and others from coming out. wear Also, if it is winter, they protect us from the cold and the wind.

Scott Aspect Sport SF

The Scott Aspect Sport SF ( 6.11 euros ) has a simple design, good fit and provide comfort to the person who wears them. With lightweight mesh structure on the back for good ventilation and padded palm. The thumb is microfiber to clean our nose.

Massi Siligrip

These simple gloves offer basic protection against the effort of the bicycle, with reinforced areas, others with a grid to favor ventilation and the palm with silicone to minimize the impact of the bicycle. They are available in various sizes and colors. With a quick extraction system. From 6.29 euros

Spiuk XP

For cold days, gloves like these with windbreakers are essential, which at the same time are breathable by means of an evacuation system. In the palm they integrate small deposits with gel and the thumb is made of microfiber to clean our sweat. From 25.20 euros

Clothing: culottes and jerseys

It is true that to start riding a bike it takes little more than the bike itself and the precise protections, but the technical cycling clothing is very useful and recommended if your idea is to go out with relative frequency.

These lightweight garments favor perspiration and adjust to our body, preventing them from getting caught in obstacles or parts of the bicycle. Also, these tight clothes minimize friction with the air, adjusting to our body comfortably.

Another important aspect is that they usually have reinforcement zones in those parts that are going to be subjected to friction, reflective details to gain visibility and zippers that speed up the putting on and taking off of the garments.

In addition, if you are going to ride a bike throughout the year, it is essential to wear light, comfortable clothes that allow us to perform this sport with comfort, protecting ourselves from the weather: sun, wind, water and extreme temperatures.

Dhb shorts

This is a simple and discreet short to get you started in the world of road cycling, without seams, with reinforced areas and a great value for money. For 26 euros for men and also 26 euros for women.

Stolen Goat Bodyline One Bib Tights

These versatile bib shorts are made in one piece to be more comfortable. Regulates the temperature, protects us from the sun, has antibacterial areas and also reflective parts. From 82.32 euros for men and from 76 euros for women, available in various colors and sizes.

Dhb Aeron FLT Roubaix long bib shorts

And for the colder days, this long bib shorts that combine the coat, protection, and comfort. With thermally reinforced areas, reflective parts, and sealed zippers. From 79.99 euros for men, the same price as for women.

Peloton Team Women’s Short Sleeve Jersey

A simple jersey for warm days thanks to its good breathability. With reflective trims, three pockets and semi-tight fit. From 16.19 euros.

DHB Aeron Roubaix Long Sleeve Jersey

For the most unfavorable days, this versatile medium weight jersey will keep your body warm thanks to its plush fabric. With reflective details, elastic cuffs and a pocket. For 54.60 euros for men and also 54.60 euros for women.

Etxeondo Entzun Short Sleeve Jersey

If you are clear that you are going to ride a bike, you are facing a jersey that looks simple but of great quality. With three pockets, thin and quick-drying and with front zip. For 74.10 euros, available in various colors.

Castelli Gabba Short Sleeve Jersey

Another reference jersey in which it is worth investing for its quality if we like this sport is the Castelli Gabba. It is short-sleeved but with windproof fabric, sealed zippers, waterproof and yet, breathable. With reflective areas and three pockets. A classic model with a detailed design, aerodynamic, lightweight and very versatile. For 98.57 euros the male model and 90 euros for women.


As in the previous case, if you are clear that you are going to ride a bike with relative frequency, it is worth betting on some kind of fixation on the pedal and a shoe compatible with that system that provides support.

Cycling shoes have a common link: they are aerodynamic, lightweight and have an original sole that is fixed on the pedal to provide grip, so necessary in the climbs and to avoid slips.

dhb Troika

These shoes are simple, ergonomic and discreet. They are also very versatile, so they can be used for both road and cycle tourism. With laces closure and nylon sole. For 48 euros.

Techne Twist

Another model for beginners is this Giro, the Techne ( 69.95 euros ). They combine a classic style and versatility, with three velcros to fit the foot. They are compatible with universal cleats systems.

Mavic Aksium Elite III

A model that combines rigidity and performance with flexibility and comfort thanks to its mixture of velcro and laces. With nylon sole and fiberglass. For 79.95 euros

Repair on the go

Before leaving the route it is essential to check thoroughly that the condition of the bicycle is adequate. However, unforeseen events can always arise and we must be prepared: punctures, deflated wheels, last-minute adjustments… It is not easy to get the bike ready, but with these accessories, you will be sure to return home in most cases.

Velo inflator

A simple and compact inflator should not be missing in a getaway. This Velo ( 12.95 euros ) has adjustments to fix the bike and is used for road and mountain tires.

Zefal inflator

This is super compact and is made of aluminum, being valid for mountain and road wheels. For 14.95 euros.

Puncture spray

It doesn’t have much mystery: if you click, insert the nozzle as if you were going to swell the wheel and the crack will be sealed so you can continue on your way. East of Zefal costs 7.38 euros and has 100 milliliters of capacity and this of Velox 10.88 euros ) is somewhat smaller but with a metal nozzle.

Tools kit

This simple tool kit can save our day and fits in any pocket. There are 11 tools in 1, most Allen keys and a chain extractor.

Another alternative is this bag composed of a multitool like the previous one, a pump to inflate, patches and a bag to store everything. For 28 euros

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