The best Nike and Reebok shoes from CrossFit that you can find on sale

Most sports have very specific and defined footwear in terms of their benefits and needs they cover, but the case of CrossFit is special since the needs to be covered are many and varied so it must be extremely versatile footwear It adapts to various requirements.

In this article, we show you the characteristics that a good CrossFit shoe should have and the best shoes with the best sales.

What features should a CrossFit shoe have?

The first thing to say is that a CrossFit shoe is extremely versatile and ergonomic.

As for the sole, they have reinforcement in the back, in the heel, to give stability during the Olympic and powerlifting lifts. On the contrary, in the forefoot or metatarsals, the sole is softer and more flexible to cushion and adapt to various terrain during the race.

The material of the upper part is usually nylon or even kevlar, which protects the shoe from rubbing and abrasion during for example the descent of the rope.

Finally, the toe and heel are reinforced to protect these parts from bumps and friction during wall exercises.

What does a CrossFit shoe offer?

With the above features, a CrossFit shoe is able to offer:

  • Great versatility and adaptation to various demands: lifts, running, gymnastics …
  • Reduction of injuries thanks to its stability and ergonomics.
  • Great durability since they are prepared for a sport like CrossFit that causes great wear on the equipment.

Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 Flexweave

Reebok has been improving over the years its CrossFit Nano, solving the errors of each previous model in the next. Today we have the Nano 8 that have the following characteristics:

  • Upper part with Flexweave technology composed of fibers that create an 8-shaped structure which increases durability and flexibility.
  • Booty heel that increases heel support.
  • Grooves in the forefoot that improve flexibility.
  • Low cut design for greater freedom of movement and faster transitions.

The price for both men and women can be found in the official store at € 130. On Amazon instead, you can find the number 45 of men at about € 84 and 41 of women at € 94.

Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit 3

The Nike Metcon is also part of the high bourgeoisie of CrossFit shoes available in the market.

The Metcon DSX Flyknit 3 offers the breathability and flexibility of the Flyknit fabric at the top with an updated ankle area for comfort. Your midsole works together with the firm plastic of the heel to provide durability and stability at high-intensity intervals.

In addition, the Metcon DSX Flyknit 3 includes the following specifications:

  • Coatings to add durability in areas of high wear.
  • Adherent rubber for greater traction.
  • Rubber outsole that wraps the midfoot for added strength.

On the official Nike website you have very good deals for men and women right now, take advantage of them.

Reebok Speed ​​TR

The Reebok Speed ​​TR are a special case in CrossFit shoes since although they can be used for any WOD like the previous ones, its strong point really has it in metabolic workouts where lightness, agility and flexibility are more important.

This Reebok has a super soft molded compression midsole for greater shock absorption and a collar and tongue lining that prevents chafing that can occur through moisture and heat.

Does this mean that Speed ​​TRs are not suitable for lifting or gymnastic? No, since the low-cut silhouette and the traction sole provide you with great stability, while its anatomical design allows you to switch from sprints to weights with maximum agility.

On the official Reebok website, you have discounts for women up to 50%, but you have to hurry.