The best seven action cameras for sports enthusiasts

However, given the conditions to which they will be exposed, sports cameras have to meet certain requirements that will ensure that they will resist adequately. Therefore, we tell you what is important to consider when buying an action camera and what are the best options for these discounts.

Take into account the battery

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the level of autonomy that the battery of the camera has in which we are looking. In addition, we must take into account if we intend to record in 4k, in Full HD or in HD at 720p, since the battery capacity will vary between each option and is an important detail when we are going to choose a sports camera.

In that sense, the more mAh they have, the more autonomy they will present. One of the cameras that take the palm in that direction is the Victure Sports Camera, with two 1050mAh batteries which offer an autonomy of about 180 minutes. Currently, we can find it on Amazon reduced from 100 euros to 75.99.

Compatibility with accessories

Some sports cameras, especially the GoPro allow large amounts of accessories and accessories. Among them, housings that protect them from both water and shock sticks to be able to use them from a distance supports and a long, etc. Some cameras are submersible, such as the Sony rx0 at 10 meters, but many need housing to be able to introduce them into the water.

Although it seems somewhat smaller, the reality is the more options of accessories to be able to use the camera in different scenarios and situations, the more use we will give the camera and the more we will get it. If we wish, we can get a GoPro, the Hero5 Black can be found right now at 285 euros, almost 46 euros cheaper than usual.

In any case, if we are looking for an option that allows us compatibility with accessories, but is cheaper, we can also find the APEMAN at 54.97 euros, with numerous accessories and a good battery.

The resolution at which it is recorded and the stability control

Numerous action cameras currently include several recording resolutions. However, it is important that we take into account the native resolution in which they record. The most common is to find cameras that record in full HD at 60 photographs or even 2K at 30 photographs. If we look for something more expert – and with a higher price -, we can find the UHD 4K as the case of the GoPro Hero7 with which we can make these discounts at a price of 372 euros, saving 58 euros.

But not everything is the resolution. These cameras face very particular conditions, in which we record on the move, sometimes very high. If the cameras we use do not have a good stabilization, the videos will be too moved and full of vibration. Although the GoPro Hero7 has a great stabilizer, if we want a cheaper option, the Xiaomi Mi Action is a good option.

The importance of audio

At the moment, most sports cameras do not have good sound quality and, if we want to get good recordings, we most likely need an external microphone. Depending on the use that is going to be given it is possible that for us the presence of audio input is not important.

However, if it is something that we are looking for specifically, we must take it into account since not all cameras include external microphone input. The SJ camera, SJCAM SJ8 contains microphone input and, in addition, they are cameras known for recording suitable audio. On its website it is sold at a price of around 200 euros and, currently, we can find it lowered to 179 euros.

Mobile app

Depending on the purpose of the camera, we may not be interested in anything that has a good mobile application. However, if we want to be able to transfer images quickly or pass them on to our friends, this point will be key.

Unfortunately, not all cameras have a good mobile application and usually force us to use a USB cable to be able to pass them to the computer and from there, if we want, to the mobile phone. However, some cameras such as Xiaomi usually include a very good application.

In Amazón we find the Xiaomi Yi Discovery Camera that allows quick transmission of the videos from the camera to our smartphone for a price of 54.94 euros during these sales.

Now that we are clear about our options, just think about what needs we have and what we are looking for in an action chamber and launch for them. The options are very wide and each of them will bring us something different.